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Since the day we took in our first rabbit "Hazel", bunnies have
been an important part of our lives.  Not only do they offer us
endless entertainment but also provide inspiration for the artistic
expression of our sculpture.  Even though they may not realize it,
they are contributing towards their own upkeep as supermodels.
"Hazel"         9" Tall        $1,450
"Mister Lucky"        5" Tall        $595
"Tweed"        5" Tall        $595
Misty's Story
The Misty that inspired the sculpture "Misty" was a 2 lb. Netherland Dwarf rabbit.  She
was rescued from a feed store in Kalispell, Montana after being given up by a tearful
owner who had to move to a small apartment allowing no pets.  Misty's first night at
the feed store must have been very frightening, not knowing if anyone would want a
year-old pet bunny. The next day however, she was discovered by Robert & Rae Ball
and taken to their home on what they thought would be a temporary basis but turned
out to be forever.
Misty became an accomplished dancer and lived with seven other rescue bunnies,
each with their own story.
"Bailey & Mr Lucky"
"Little Hazel"        4" Tall       $595
"Buckley"       4" Tall       $595
        Casey left us early this morning at 2am. (July 15, 2011).  
Although he seemed very peaceful and reluctant to leave, he now
must be enjoying the companionship of his good friends Buckl
Bailey, Carrie Bell Pink and Isabella.
         We were happy, but surprised, that he stayed around so
long, especially since he lost his mobility several months ago.  
Perhaps he was getting his affairs in order, (he was quite wealthy),
or just maybe he was afraid he would run into Hazel (his nemesis)
along the way.  Whatever the reason, we are missing his sweet